Top Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

For many years, there are many people who struggle every day to achieve their dreams of living a much healthier life. In this way, we can see how gyms host large numbers of people who want to be able to have a healthier body with their whole being. As we all know, exercise and nutrition will always go hand in hand. And since both will always be together, it is important that you know which the best healthy foods that will help you lose weight are. These meals and your daily exercises will become the keys to achieve your goals of losing weight, have better health and have better physical and mental conditions.

How did I discover this list of foods?

I have been suffering from obesity for several years. This disease had caused me so many problems with my self-esteem and my social skills. However, one day I decided to bet everything to improve my life. That’s how I decided to exercise more, and, of course, that’s how I started eating healthier and enjoying life from another perspective. In my mission to find the best foods, I was trying one by one the recipes of this list that I am about to share. In this way, you can be sure that these healthy foods do work.

List of healthy foods


I will leave this food as the first on my list due to the great benefits it brings. Almonds will help reduce cholesterol levels. In addition, this fruit will provide you with plenty of fiber and vitamin E. Almonds are the perfect food for you to start your dreams of losing weight.


Apples are that food that makes you feel satisfied for a long period of time. In this way, you will reduce the intake of some other food simply because you will feel satisfied. Also, in apples you will find antioxidants, vitamins C and fiber. And as an extra touch, the apples will help keep your skin radiant and full of life.


The avocado has positioned itself as the king of the world of fitness and beauty. It is until today, and you can continue to find many more uses for avocados. In our case, the avocado, like the apple, will help you to feel satisfied, and so you do not consume unnecessary food during the waiting time for the next meal.

The black beans

If you want to burn calories much faster, I recommend that you consume black beans. Many experts consider it an ideal complement to burn the fat accumulated in your abdomen or belly fat. I also have a fact that will fascinate you, a single serving of black beans will provide an equivalent to 15 grams of protein. This makes it a too important food for the realization of your goals and dreams.

Consume Broccoli

Broccoli is an immense source of calcium and other important components recommended to treat cancer in patients. Just with these data, you should already think about how to add broccoli to your diet. But, as we are talking about foods to lose weight, I tell you that broccoli helps you improve your digestion, and also, broccoli is able to give you only 30 calories. What will help you maintain a low-calorie diet.


Carrots are that food you need to stop eating. What am I talking about? Sure, you’ll remember some other food on our list. The truth is that the carrot has a lot of fiber and water. So if you consume it, you will feel satisfied. This will help you not to think about any other food until it is time for the next meal.

The cauliflower

Cauliflower acts in a similar way to broccoli so you can expect a low-calorie food that provides fiber and other nutrients such as vitamins C and K and potassium. If you include cauliflower in your diet, you will consume only 24 calories which will help you lose weight easily.

Have you heard of Chia’s seeds?

Chia seeds are too small, but here we must apply the saying, that we should not judge anyone because of their size. Chia seeds contain many nutrients that will help you lose weight safely. The good thing about these seeds is that they are quite versatile. That is, you can use them to make some drinks or also to add it to some vinegar or food. On the internet, you will find hundreds of recipes so you can use the chia seeds and get the best benefits.

Consume spicy food

Personally, I am a fan of spicy foods. Therefore, I have decided to include in this list, the spicy food. This does not mean that you should put exaggerated amounts in your meals. Rather, it means that at least you consider adding moderate amounts so that you do not ruin your food. In this case, I like it a lot, so I add slightly larger amounts, but several of my friends usually put only two drops of chili to their meals. Chili will literally burn the fat you have over since the first time you consume it.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a wonderful element to help our body in different ways. For example, we can see the benefits of applying coconut oil to our skin and hair. With this, our appearance will improve significantly. Well, I already talked about a few benefits of coconut oil, but what about its use to help people lose weight? Coconut oil can be a substitute for olive oil. This food also has properties that help improve digestion. Also, that coconut oil has very few calories so if your diet is low in calories, coconut oil would be a great ally.


This list shows many food items that will facilitate your journey to a healthier life. Each of them has different properties and uses. Therefore, I suggest, dear reader, that you try to take advantage of each of the strengths of these foods.